3 steps to create a meditation space at your own home

We all know selfcare is important. Specially when living in stressful times, working time-consuming jobs. Most times all you need is to take a moment for yourself and relax your body and mind. But where can you find that meditation space? Easy. At your own home.

meditation space
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Find the right room to relax can be challenging. Our home is very functional: a space to cook, one to eat and a space to sleep. But what about one to meditate? Follow these three steps to get the meditation space that you need, at your own home.


meditation space
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Choose that space that makes you feel food. Preferably in a quiet room, without a lot of traffic. It should be a space with natural light allowing you to relax without being distracting.

Also take into consideration the color of the room. Choose the hues that make you feel comfortable. That can be pastel shades or a dark palette. Either one, the important is that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

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meditation space

On the other hand, the room cleanness is also important. A minimal and neutral space should be the right choice. Fill the room with just the essentials: a small table, a yoga mat or rug and a pillow.


Meditation should be about relaxing body and mind, right? Besides a quiet space you might need an extra element: meditative music. This is quite important specially if you live in a busy apartment, building or city. Calming music may help you focus and relax your senses.

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Besides sound, smell can also be a factor. Aromatherapy is known to have calming and relaxing properties, but also to boost the immune system. Plants like lavender, chamomile or peppermint have a power to sooth the mind and body. To benefit from the aromatherapy, fill the room with incenses, candles or heating oils.

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meditation space
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Lastly, one important rule: no technology. Of course, you may need a device for sound or to guide you, but it is important not to be distracted by calls, texts or alerts. Silence your phone and make sure no other devices, such as video game players or TV, will distract you from your goal: a relaxing me-time


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Probably when you think of a relaxing time your mind takes you to somewhere outdoor. A beach, a garden or a mountain. Nature is organically healing but there is not always possible to find an outdoor meditation space.

So, bring some natural element into the room. Choose a plant, some flowers or just some beachy elements such as sand or seashells. It can even be a small water fountain.

meditation space
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Also make sure the room as fresh air, to help you feel refreshed and boost your energy. If you can’t find a room with windows or ceiling fans, a standing fan can do the trick. Just make sure that the sound doesn’t interfere with the calmness of the rest of the room.

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