How to decor your home Wabi Sabi style?

Wabi Sabi style is the newest interior design trend. The Japanese philosophy embraces a lifestyle connected with nature resulting in an aesthetic that combines comfort and simplicity.

What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi means simplicity and imperfection, while sabi is the beauty of becoming old. This way, Wabi Sabi style celebrates the natural lifecycle of organic matter.

wabi sabi style
Micheile / Unsplash

When it comes to interior design, being a Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi style reflects a modern organic living with sustainable materials, unpolished finishes and raw textures.

Learn more about Wabi Sabi here.

How to have a Wabi Sabi style home?

The essential guide when it comes to decorate your home with Wabi Sabi trend is respecting nature and its natural course.

Choose organic materials, that are both sustainable and environmental friendly. Choosing local producers is also a good practice.

wabi sabi style
Kim Schouten / Unsplash
wabi sabi style
Linh Le / Unsplash

Value raw materials like brutalist furniture like whole tree trunks on tables and bed panels and unfinished wood.

wabi sabi style
Andrea Mongenie / Pinterest
wabi sabi style
Planete Deco / Pinterest

Wabi Sabi style can be minimalist or maximalist. But to respect the nature-like environment, choose neutral colors. Earthy tones are ideal for a space with more harmony.


outdoor furniture
ibiza mirror
lunarys sofa

Following the nature lifecycle, instead of shopping new pieces, you can start styling your home with wabi sabi decor by upcycling some old furniture. You’ll be amazing on how much style an old leather sofa and a used rocking chair can add to your space. These kind of pieces will turn your design unique and customizable.

wabi sabi style
Alena Valyavko / Behance

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some greens. Not only in your color palette but mainly with an indoor garden, totally embracing nature and its advantages.

wabi sabi style
Thomas Melhorn /
wabi sabi style
Jake Arnold / Eye-Swoon

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