The 10 best pet furniture brands for your dog or cat

We already present you the newest interior design trend: barkitecture. Welcoming a pet into your life also means embrace it in your home, giving them all they need. Even if it means brand new pet furniture and accessories.

Now that we are spending more time at home it is becoming our own sanctuary. A place where we want to feel comfortable, physically and emotionally. That is why home decor is rising, because we want to make our home, ours.

pet furniture
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If we add up a pet to our family we will also want to make them feel at home. We want their comfort but also keep our home as stylish as possible. It is possible that traditional pet accessories, as dog beds or cat trees, don’t match with your home decor and will just be an hindrance in your interior style.

pet furniture
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pet furniture
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We searched for the best pet furniture brands that promise to be both stylish for your decor and comfortable for your fury friend.


pet furniture
pet furniture

ACH Collection is a luxury home decor brand that as a collection dedicated for pets. Here you can find pet beds and bowls that will match your own interior style, because it is specially designed following the latest trends.

Biscuit Pet Bed
Michel II Bowl
Lexus Pet Bed


pet furniture

Mia Cara, meaning “my dear” in Italian, focuses on comfort and interior harmony. Mia Cara founder was inspired by its own dog (Cara) likes and dislikes and created a line of products for both dogs and cats.


pet furniture

Tuft and Paw offers an extensive cat products collection, meeting the needs of felines and humans. Each piece of furniture beautifully blends with the whole room with a minimalist approach.

cat bed
Stellar Cat Bed
cat tower
Grove Cat Tower
window hammock
Could Nine Window Hammock


pet furniture

Tateno is a Japanese furniture brand that also produces miniature pieces for cats. This way, your pet furniture is can be literally the same as yours. The brand uses quality wood and fabric guaranteeing a high quality pet furniture.


pet furniture
pet furniture

Made is a lifestyle shop that includes an offer of dog beds and food bowls. Whatever your design style is you will find the perfect pet furniture here. If you need more convincing, Made also has a strong commitment to sustainability and community support.


pet furniture

Pets So Good have the ability to make dog houses that look nicer than some apartments. Whether you need a whole dog house or just a day bed, here you will find a solution that will add style to your space. Additionally you can also find accessories for walk, wear and eat.

choco tent
Choco Tent
day bed
Linden Day Bed
Oreo Table


pet furniture

Lay Lo is the brand to go if you are looking for a minimal vibe. The dog cushions are comfortable and designed to fit any interior. The multiple patterns and changeable cushions open a wide rage of possibilities depending on your (dog) mood).


pet furniture

Dusen Dusen is perfect for a more colorful home. The vibe comes from the founder style who decorated her dog beds with bold and color-blocked patterns, liven up her own interior design.


pet furniture

Fur Gray Studios are “made for cats and really nice people”. Perfectly mixing aesthetic with function, its feline furniture and accessories are both minimalist and chic. Every collection piece is designed to improve the space shared by your and your fury friend.

cat cave
The Catsby Ottoman
The Orlando Bowl
cat toy
The Theo Toy


dog bed

Labbven is a Polish company that offers a wide range of pet furniture and accessories. From beds, tables, to blankets and cushions it will pleasure both humans and pets.

Discover more about barkitecture, the pet friendly decor trend and how to style your home.

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