The last Oscar Niemeyer building is now open

The last Oscar Niemeyer building opened at the Château la Coste vineyard in southern France. The project is one of many by the late Brazilian architect who lived in France for almost 20 years.

oscar niemeyer building

The pavilion was designed in 2010, two years before Oscar Niemeyers passed at age 104. The white building was projected to integrate with the landscape, surrounded by vineyards. Divided in two elements, a 380-square-metre glassed gallery space and a cylindrical auditorium, the pavilion also has a pool that reflects its curvy forms.

oscar niemeyer building

The organic form reflects Niemeyer’s unique style. A curved architecture that combines harmoniously with the Provençal hills, as stated by the Château La Coste.

“The striking glass facade gives the impression of the vineyard unfolding through the building, while the shallow pool at the entrance beautifully captures the interaction of light and reflection.”

oscar niemeyer building
oscar niemeyer building

Alongside the gallery space, which has glassed walls with views to the landscape, there’s a 140-square-metre auditorium with space for 80 people.


oscar niemeyer building

Oscar Niemeyer is a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner best known for his design of Brasília and the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Niemeyer lived almost 20 years in France, having developed several projects such as the Communist Party HQ, L’Humanité newspaper HQ, the Cultural Center in Le Havre and the Labor Council Building of Bobigny.

oscar niemeyer building

The pavilion at Château La Coste is the last Oscar Niemeyer building, designed alongside projects of Richard Rogers, Tadao Ando, Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano and Frank Gehry.

Source: Dezeen
Photography: Stéphane Aboudaram / We Are Content(s)

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