How the new metaverse lifestyle can help with our mental health

The metaverse lifestyle is taking us furthermore into an alternative reality where we can experience a new world. It is changing the way we connect with each other, for better and for worst. How this new way of living can improve our health and wellbeing?

What is the metaverse?

metaverse lifestyle
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Let’s start with the basics. Metaverse is an online virtual world with augmented reality, virtual reality and with multiple digital forms of communication such as video or 3D design. Metaverse allows users to engage with each other using avatars, extending their senses of sight, hearing and touch. It is an immersive experience that gained new buzz when Facebook, now ‘Meta’, announced the Metaverse as social media platform to connect people, create new communities and expand the virtual lifestyle.

metaverse lifestyle
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Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the Metaverse expects to reach 1 billion users by the next ten years. Brands are also seeking out the potential of the Metaverse, as 38% of global consumers are familiar with it. However, like the new WSGN report says, 41% of global consumers are concern about the psycological impact of the Metaverse.

The Metaverse lifestyle impact

As this new era is emerging, new concerns are arising. Users are spending more time online, and with that new health problems are emerging. For instance, cybersickness is the term to define the body effect of too much screen time.

metaverse lifesytye
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The negative effects of social media are not a new concern, but with the Metaverse these consequences will have a bigger impact. The younger generation will already grow up in a Metaverse lifestyle and neuroscientists are worried about the virtual world addiction. The Metaverse allows users to disconnect from the reality and professionals are alerting for the ‘phantom timeline syndrome’, when the person can’t distinguish physical and virtual reality and can lead to hallucinations and paranoid behaviour.

metaverse lifestyle
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The new Metaverse lifestyle has its dangerous, but it also may be on this online universe that lays the solution. Mental health conditions are projected to be the number one cause of death by 2030. Mental health professional are turning to Metaverse to experiment new immersive treatments.

One of them is VR exposure therapy, that has proved to reduce anxiety in young patients. Users experience the Metaverse lifestyle as a safe and controlled space, so several companies are starting to offer VR therapy sessions and collective therapy in the virtual universe.

Source: WGSN
Featured image: Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash

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