Milan Design Week will be an attraction on its own, so let’s start with the best galleries to visit in Milan during the biggest design and fashion event.

Milan Design Week 2022 has a program full of options, so we decided to filter some of the best Design Galleries in Milan that you must have to pay a visit.


A special place to visit is Galleria Clio Calvi Rudy Volpi, located in the famous Brera District, is more than a galleria – it’s also a renowned meeting point for artists. With more than 30 years of experience Clio Calvi – Rudy Volpi shows the work of famous designers such as Andrea Branzi, Haruka Fujita, Harush Shlomo, and Nicoletta Morozzi, highlighting the contemporary style. The exhibitions from this gallery are one of the most popular in Milan, and this is an essential stop in Milan for designers lovers.

galleries to visit in Milan

2. RAW & Co

A place to be discovered, or as the slogan says, a Cabinet de curiosités– this fantastic place where it’s possible to find objects from different origins and periods has two locations in Milan, at Corso Magento and Via Palermo- in the famous Brera design district. Founded by Paulo Badesco and Constatine Affuse, Raw is a consulting studio and a store. Visiting the place is almost a tour of the history of the furniture and accessories.

galleries to visit in milan


Memphis style marked a generation and is still a considerable reference nowadays. At Post Design Gallery, it is possible to revive the golden age of the Memphis Milano Group and see a collection of iconic furniture and objects from the 80s. The gallery can be found in the notable Brera District and promise to impress the visitants with vibrant colors and asymmetric shapes.

galleries to visit in milan
galleries to visit in milan


Dimore is more than a gallery – it’s a home and a dialogue between past and present. The Dimore Gallery aims to provide a unique experience for visitors. Born in 2014, this gallery has Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran signatures. The place where today is the gallery was the founders’ home and had been transformed into a gallery with six rooms. Among the rooms, it’s possible to find iconic mid-century collectible pieces and contemporary creations.

galleries to visit in milan


The capital of design and fashion also has a memorable gallery that shows the best of the Italian production of the 20th century – the Fragile. Founded by Alessandro and Franceso Medini, the gallery is full of colors and unconventional designs. The space references home decoration with historical and contemporary showrooms.

galleries to visit in milan

Source: The 500 Hidden Secrets

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