8 favorite celebrity pets to follow on Instagram right now

We selected the best celebrity pets accounts to follow on Instagram right now. They are funny, relatable and super funny. We promise it will make your feed more furry and cuter.


celebrity pets
celebrity pets

Puddin, the lucky dog

Just like her bio says, Puddin had a “a rough beginning but a loving and positive ending”. Her first owners left her with an infection that caused her to lose both eyes. Luckly, now Puddin lives with her new companion, Cory , making each other better everyday.

Norbert, the dog

celebrity pets

Norbert is senior registered therapy dog from Los Angeles. He inspired his mom, Julie, to write a children’s book as Norbert as the main caracter. He has over 800 thousand followers who love to see his smile and daily adventures.

Prissy, the stylish pig

celebrity pets
celebrity pets
celebrity pets

Prissy is a pig with a high sense of style who is living her best farm life. But she’s not only about the looks. Prissy is also very smart and attentive. She shares her Instagram account with other friends like Pop, Posey, Pink and Pen.

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Venus, the two face cat

Venus is one of the most famous celebrity pets on this list. She even appeared on National Geographic. The different coloring on her face and eyes is thought to be due to a different DNA on each side of the body. Some believe it has a mythology meaning. Meanwhile, Venus keeps sharing her mysteries with her two million followers.

celebrity pets

Loulou, the friendly dog

celebrity pets
celebrity pets

Loulou is a very good girl that lives in The Netherlands. Loulou has many animal friends, like ducks, chicks, rabbits and loves to pose with them for her almost 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

Lionel, the hog

celebrity pets

First, Lionel spikes, then he’s sweet. The hedgehog, along with the friend Lilo are local celebrity pets in South Carolina. His mother, Anna, carries him around in her purse to show him the world and the best things in life.


Ethel, the glamour tort

Ethel is, like her account states, a glamour sulcata tortoise that knows how to style her shell. Her instagram feed is full of funny and cute pics of Ethel and her ‘Ma’ and ‘Pops’.

celebrity pets
celebrity pets

Juniper, the happiest fox

At first instance, Juniper might look like a pet dog, but don’t be fooled. She is a domestic fox that shares her adventures with her other furry friends. Following her 3 million followers Instagram accounts is having a regular dose of cuteness.

celebrity pets

Featured image: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

Do you know more celebrity pets that we should follow? Share with us.

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