There is a new rugs brand to style your home

When it comes to home decor, rugs are essential. They add comfort, elegance and visual appeal. And because of that, a rug can be more than a simple rectangular on the floor. There is why, Hommés Studio created Tapis Studio, a new rugs brand that will meet all of your needs.


TAPIS Studio is the new vanguardist rug brand by HOMMÉS Studio. Born from the desire to create a multi-personality tapestry brand, TAPIS presents multifaceted collections, offering a rug for every moment, every style, every room and everyone.

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Slowly crafted, TAPIS Studio rugs go very easy on the eye and nice and soft on the feet. Committed to working for a good today and a better tomorrow, each TAPIS Studio rug is an exceptional piece of artistry. Meant to last a lifetime, TAPIS Studio will always be the best option to embellish slow homes. 


eco collection

TAPIS Studio ECO Collection reflects the brand’s vanguardist design style and its concern about the environment. TAPIS want to contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future.

The eco-friendly rugs are produced with Econyl®, a fibre created with net waste from the oceans that is transformed into a high quality material. 

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TAPIS SHAPED Collection was created to be the star piece in any room. Believe us, everyone will be looking at it and for good reason.

These unique rugs are perfect for an irreverent interior look, from the floor to the walls. The Shaped Collection is made with pure botanical silk, an eco-friendly and biodegradable fibre. 

Botanical silk makes the rug a comfortable and luxurious piece, by its smooth touch, softness and light reflection giving it a look like no other.

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The KIDS Collection was made for funny moments that need memorable rugs. The best memories are the ones when we are free and have limitless imagination.

When we see the world with full colours and happy faces. That is what this collection is from, to perpetuate moments like these, with creativity, playfulness and a lot of fun. 

These rugs were made to make you happy. Enjoy them with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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TAPIS Studio also offers rugs for your furry friends. The PET Collection is made with comfortable materials, lovely design and customizable patterns.

Our pets are a part of our life, and a part of us. They are the sweetest thing we can have and that was exactly what inspired our collection. Candy shaped rugs that can be placed indoor or outdoor, where your pet can sleep, eat, bark or meow. 

kids collection
my boo
kiss me
love you

TAPIS Studio OUTDOOR Collection is inspired by architectural shapes that transform an everyday space into art. This collection was made to make you feel in an outdoor museum, in your own home. With creativity, satisfaction and a lot of comfort. 

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If you like one of TAPIS rugs but would like to make some changes, TAPIS Studio can make your dream rug come true. Under the guidance of their design team, TAPIS Studio customization service allows you to change colors, materials and dimensions of the rug you fell in love with, upon request. Check the Do Your Tapis page for more information.

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TAPIS Studio is a rugs brand curious about the world. About creativity, art and nature. Wanting to contribute to the comfort and wellbeing of all the people, animals and planet, all the rugs are carefully created with a high selection of materials and delicate textures. TAPIS products are handmade, combining artisan techniques with modern technologies.

The result is an eye-catching piece that will pleasure all of the senses.

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