This Swiss watch is both colorful and sustainable

Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix launched a new version of the AIKON model. The new model was created with #tide, an environmental organization that collects waste from the oceans.

When Maurice Lacroix first released its AIKON watch model, in 2016, it was immediately got the attention of young buyers. This product marked the company’s culture change: a new target and a new concern. Six years later, the Swiss watch brand took a step forward in sustainable fashion with a more affordable model.

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A Swiss watch brand that cares about the environment

The Maurice Lacroix’s successful watch, AIKON Automatic, got a new version that differs mainly on the material used. Partnering with #tide, an organization that focus on upcycling plastic waste recovered from the oceans, the new model is a vibrant solution for eco-conscious consumers.

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With the new material, the new AIKON gains even more personality with its pops of color and premium finishes. Additionally, the wristwatches, and its packaging, are produced using 17 upcycle plastic bottles.

The product was first thought two years ago, being the main concern to produce a more sustainable solution. “Looking for solutions, the only thing we could change at that time was packaging and we weren’t satisfied. Then, about a year ago, we met Thomas with #tide. The discussion was electric and an idea turned into a longterm partnership“, says Stephane Waser, Maurice Lacroix’s managing director.

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It was necessary to test several materials prototypes to achieve the high quality standards that Swiss watch brands are known for. The result is a lightweight material that is “five times more resistant than plastic and twice as hard as plastic”. The watch is complete with sapphire crystal lens and a screw crown. Later it will be available different bracelets.

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More than using upcycled materials, the new AIKON is also recyclable, because it doesn’t have any additives. Despite the neon colors, that make the model pop-up, it weren’t used any toxic materials or chemicals.

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For Maurice Lacroix this is just the beginning. The company wants to continue to evolve the sustainable collection and help #tide gather 10 million bottles. Besides the watch production, this new partnership will help the community where the organization operates, like Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

Source: Coolhunting
Images: Maurice Lacroix

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